​​Medical clowning is the exploration of achieving health through laughter and play. When clowns enter into the hospital, their job is to create an environment that is conducive to positive growth: physically, mentally and emotionally. The hospital system can be very scary for patients and family members. Fear, sadness and uncertainty hinder growth and healing. It is a clown's job to transform the hospital into a place of fun, laughter and possibility. To be an advocate of a different kind.

Laughter and play have been shown through studies to not only create positive mental health but also to lower blood pressure, decrease the need for pain medication and sedation, and increase cardiovascular health. It also opens up a dialogue that would have otherwise been impeded by fear.


Laughter is medicine. Medical Clowning is about entering into an environment characterized by uncertainty or fear and bringing with you laughter and joy. It is about being present in each moment with buoyancy and allowing each person to live boldly in that moment